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10 Sydney eats worth hitting- Part 2

By Chef Monty Koludrovic

Sydney eats is a fast evolving scene and it is easy to be distracted or caught up in the moment as new places pop up. This list has a few old favourites, which may have missed your gaze, and a few new and in utero projects, which, if you haven’t yet, you really gotta sink your teeth into or get ready to!

Cho Cho San – Potts Point
This is the type of place where we could discuss the funky George Livissianis fit out, the amazing list of whisky and sake, or even the collaboration between two of Sydney’s better restaurateurs… but we can leave that to someone else. Lets talk the food. Nic Wong has put together a menu of (not strictly) classic Japanese arrangements. Sashimi scallop, trout with ponzu, smoky bbq duck buns, and green tea soft serve? Green tea soft serve? Classic? Naaaaahh… but its pretty good. Favourite pick is the udon with spicy pork mince. 

Eveleigh market – Eveleigh
Ok so think food court of a Westfield… then replace the walls with air; the food with amazing hand picked/grown produce and the outlets with drop dead delicious offerings from some of Sydney’s best cooks… while you’re at it you better change the building with a heritage listed indoor/outdoor train yard space. Sounds cool huh? Well it is! Grab your weekly groceries, have a killer coffee (activated almond milk if you need to) and grab a Bird Cow Fish Crooked Madame or some Pork Bun with Davison Plum sauce from Kylie Kwong. There’s a good chance you will see me there every Saturday with the kids too!

Victor Churchill – Woollahra
This butcher come deli come provedore come eats venue is from the people at Vic’s Premium Quality Meats – Anthony and Vic Puharic. A couple of old butchers! Hardly…
This place has been recognized for the amazing design and style on the international stage and is a favourite for the locals and travellers alike. Sure you can grab and export a full blood quality David Blackmore wagyu sirloin (which you should!), as you may expect from a butcher… but what about a spiced venison wellington ready to pop in the oven or a rotisserie chook or maybe pull up a pew and have a slice of Romeo’s Terrine Campagne and watch the artisan butchers at work. A unique place

LP’s Quality Meats (watch this space!) - Chippendale
Luke Powell – check! Quality cook, smart man, good bloke
Shannon Debreceny – Check! Quality cook, smart man, good bloke.
Hang on I see what they are doing here… combining good cooks, with quality meats, let me guess there’s gonna be one of those big smokers in there cranking out amazing melt in your mouth smoked meats with thoughtful delicious sides. Oh great!

Vincent – Woollahra
Vincent French Dining Room and Bar… it is what it says on the packet. And how good is that! Some might think that French food has had its dash in Sydney with lighter cuisines suited to our geographical position on the rise. Can you get a twice-baked cantal soufflé with fine herbs at your sushi train? Or maybe steak frites at you local Thai joint? Nup! So come here for them.