AnolonX is changing Cookware as we know it

AnolonX is changing Cookware as we know it

How is AnolonX changing cookware as we know it?

With an new range comes innovative developments in cookware.

AnolonX is no exception. Introducing…


AnolonX showcases a SearTech™ base and the results are phenomenal.

So, what is SearTech™?

SearTech™ is referring to the innovative base of AnolonX cookware. The base in tales a combination of aluminum nonstick with a stainless steel mesh that ordinary pans do not have.

SearTech™ is designed to sear like stainless while deliver unparalleled caramelization and browning, harnessing the benefits of both materials.

Benefits of SearTech™:

  • Typically, oil runs to the edge of the pan. The AnolonX SearTech™ surface keeps cooking oil in the middle of the pan, directly under food, searing like cast iron to enhance every flavor.
  • Unlocking the blend of stainless steel and nonstick results in the best seared steaks, perfectly-crisp edges on eggs, and beautifully-caramelized vegetables.
  • It is truly metal utensil safe. Our stainless steel mesh protects the ultra-durable nonstick surface for a lifetime of happy cooking.
  • Easy-to-clean, stain-resistant nonstick exterior keeps every piece looking newer, longer.
  • Don't hesitate to level up your cookware today by testing out SearTech™ for yourself.

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