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Tips & Tricks

The kitchen should be a sanctuary where you can indulge in your love of cooking and good food, and every chef has tips and tricks that make their time in the kitchen a little bit easier and stress free. Anolon Academy has put all these ingenious cooking tips, tricks and nuggets of advice into one place, easy to find for when you need it the most.

Score your meat
Keep Potatoes white
Removing Pomegranate seeds
Lost your pastry brush? 
Onions browning too quickly? 
Keeping Mint fresh
Get the most juice from your lemons
Keep knives sharp
Wilted herbs? 
Save fresh herbs
Easy Guacamole
Grating cheese
Peeling Garlic
Peel hard- boiled eggs
Cooking with Chillies
Frozen butter
Stop boiling water rising
Basil looking limp? 
Stop Avocado from browning