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Ian Curley’s Hiramasa kingfish angel hair pasta, with capers and baby tomato

Serves 4 people

This delicious pasta recipe is by Ian Curley, one of Australia’s most awarded chefs. With an enduring 25-year tenure in Melbourne that has seen him at the helm of some of the city’s most iconic restaurants – including nine years at The Point Albert Park and more than a decade with the European Group – Ian’s food is much-loved for its accessible approach and simple philosophy… He cooks the food he loves to eat, across all cuisines.


  • 600 g cubed Hiramasa kingfish
  • 50 g chopped red chili
  • 50 g chopped garlic
  • 100g sliced baby tomato
  • 50 g baby capers
  • 2 fresh lemons
  • Olsson salt flakes
  • ½ Bunch shredded parsley
  • White wine  
  • 600g angel hair pasta
  • Cobram estate extra virgin olive oil
  • Toasted garlic breadcrumbs (optional)


  1. In a straight sided Anolon pan, pour a good amount of extra virgin olive oil as this will form part of the sauce and add the seasoned chopped fish, allow to gently sauté and roll around the pan and add the chili and garlic and cook gently by adding a little more oil rather than letting the garlic go bitter and burn.
  2. Add the sliced cherry tomatoes and capers and allow to mix into the fish mix.
  3. Drop the angel hair pasta into boiling salted water for approx 2 minutes but still al dente.
  4. Add the white wine to the pan and form a thin sauce with it and the olive oil and fish mixture.
  5. Now add the pasta to the fish and tomato mix and add the shredded parsley and mix everything together and add a little salt and oil if necessary.
  6. Mix everything together and check seasoning.

To serve

Divide mix into 4 bowls evenly and microplane a little lemon zest and finish with toasted garlic breadcrumbs for texture.

 Ian used Anolon Authority cookware to create this dish.