Anolon Academy

Custard Apple

By Chef Adam D’Sylva

This is a really nice fruit in season – I like its freshness. It’s unique, sweet, has a rich flavour and texture and suits tropical and Asian dishes.

Young coconut panna cotta with custard apple tapioca

Panna cotta: Soak 8 gelatine leaves in a little water to soften. Gently heat 600ml coconut milk, 150ml coconut cream (I use Kara), 100g caster sugar, ½ tsp vanilla essence until the sugar dissolves. Whisk in softened gelatine. Pass through sieve and set in moulds.

Tapioca: Bring a tall pot of water to the boil. Pour in 2 cups tapioca, boil until clear. Strain, cool tapioca under cold water. Add 500ml coconut cream, 150ml sugar syrup, dash of vanilla essence, pinch of salt and flesh from one custard apple.

Serve sprinkled with black sesame seeds and silver leaf for extra glamour.