Anolon Academy

Bottling Summer Fruits

By Rebecca Sullivan

Tis most certainly the season to be preserving every fruit in sight, but if you don’t fancy just jam why not bottle some for your breakfast with yoghurt or in your ice cream for desert. Bottling is so simple and you can bottle pretty much anything using this simple format.

First take a little time to prepare the fruit by washing and patting dry which ever fruit you choose. For stone fruit such as peaches or apricots, just cut in half, remove and discard the seed. For pears and apples, peel, core and cut into wedges or chunks to a size you desire.

Place the fruit in preserving jars – I like Fowlers or Mason Jars best but any big jar with a good, tight sealable lid will suffice. Next pack the fruit into the jars and using the handle of a wooden spoon push tightly into the corners of the jars without damaging the fruit. Top the jar with water to about 20mm below the level of the lid. Add a dessert spoon full of sugar (I like to use brown sugar for a more defined flavour to my fruit. You could also add a vanilla pod.) This is also the time to add any other flavorings such as cardamon pods or cloves depending on the desired result. Be bold and experiment a little.

Put the lid on firmly but not screwed all the way. Place jars in cold water in a large saucepan or preserver. Pour in enough water to come at lest 2/3 the way up the side of the jars, cover with a lid, bring to the boil, turn right down and simmer for two hours. Let the jars cool and remove from the water carefully. Some jars require different ways to sterilise so always read the directions. Store the fruit in dark, cool place for up to a year.