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Justin North’s Christmas Party Canapés

Here is a selection of my favourite Christmas canapé treats. Light, fresh and inspired by the best seasonal produce. They all add a wonderful injection of colour and beautiful flavour to your Christmas parties. 

I have designed these recipes for maximum effect, fast, fresh and fabulous, without taking too long to prepare so you can relax and enjoy the celebrations yourself. A great tip for your dinner parties is to get all the ingredients and basic preparations prepared well in advance so you can easily assemble last minute to keep them fresh and vibrant and also adds to a stress free event for you, I also like to use a variety of serving platters to add interest to canapés. 

Can almost hear the Christmas carols playing in the background, and hear the pop of corks. Off you go! Enjoy and celebrate.

Cured Trout with Baby Cucumber

Black Mussels with Vietnamese Dressing

King Prawns with Lemon Thyme & Garlic