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Justin North’s tips for One Pot Wonders

The 30cm Anolon Advanced Saute pan is one of my favourites for one pot wonders, a clever way of cooking beautiful dishes in one pan, while achieving maximum flavour with your food and with the other extreme positive of minimising wash up!

Keeping the lid on during cooking provides a lovely moist environment for your food to gently stew without becoming dry

Cooking a beautiful risotto using good quality rice such as Arborio, carnaroli or vialone nano with a flavoursome stock, finished with grated parmesan cheese, good butter and chopped herbs works wonders in this pan as it maintains a reliable and even heat while cooking. 

Another delicious dish is to gently cook a sliced spanish onion in olive oil and garlic until soft, add a splash of white wine and a few over ripe pulpy tomatoes with thyme, basil and a little lemon rind to a juicy aromatic stew. Add a few fillets of fish, a handful of prawns and mussels to make an extremely tasty seafood stew. 

I sometimes do this and just place the pot in the centre of the table with some share plates and warm crusty bread to soak up all the juices. It’s just divine!

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