Anolon Academy

Entertaining ambiance made easy

The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Bach…!?

Organize the music selection several days before a party. The earlier the better! After all, the music won’t spoil and it’s another important detail that can be crossed off a long to-do list. Design a playlist with tunes and tempos that raise the energy or bring it down, as desired. And always turn on the music before the guests arrive so the party mood welcomes them as they approach your front door.

Blooming Beauties

Make your flower arrangements a day or two in advance of a special event. This gives the flowers a chance to open up in time for the big day, and it “checks the box” on what can be a time consuming task. It also allows for a little extra planning time if the flowers you had your heart set on aren’t anywhere to be found the week of your party!

Lights, Thermostat, Celebration!

Every restaurant owner knows that the lighting and the temperature in a dining room require constant attention. Whether you want candlelight coziness for two or a spotlighted celebration for a crowd, give a little thought to the lighting.

And don’t forget the temperature: you may be warm from the kitchen, but make sure your guests – especially the first arrivals – enter a space that makes them feel relaxed whatever the season.