Anolon Academy

Tips for Gravy making

By Chef Justin North

Rather than reduce your pan juices on the stovetop which can take forever and sometimes leave you with very little, remove some pan juices into a cup and mix in a tablespoon of cornflour.  This should stop your gravy from getting lumpy. Cook out in your small saucepan or milk pan with the rest of your pan juices and some stock.

Add an onion and some other veggies like sweet potato and carrot when roasting you meat in the oven.  Then blitz it all with the juices to create a tasty flavoursome sauce.

Instead of adding more salt, try splashing some soy sauce which will give it richness, salt and that beautiful golden colour.

For maximum flavour, never use water to thin out your gravy if it is too thick. Use a splash of stock.

If you want the ultimate smooth lump-free sauce, strain in a medium-fine sieve.

A splash of Worcestershire sauce can also add extra flavour and depth or, if you prefer, add in some mustard or horseradish for a little after kick.

Depending on what your dish is, adding in some fresh herbs to your gravy is ideal.

Add in any delicious caramelised pieces from your roasting dish but don’t add any burnt bits, as your gravy will then have a bitter taste.